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3 Best way to create your perfect resumes.

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

1-Eliminating grammar errors.

I as recruiter have seen so many resumes with lots of grammar errors, which is alarming for candidates. As many companies do check grammar errors while shortlisting any resumes because they need superstar candidates, of course not someone with average knowledge skills. Do diligently check while writing your resumes whether it is Tech skills or summery line and other part because you can not ignore this as it is very important if you are really looking for next job opportunity.

2-Prefer PDF or Word documents Resumes?

I would say you can choose word documents resume because its easy to edit and upload on ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Many companies have ATS tools where they import all qualified resumes on ATS to take follow-up with candidates on time. On other hand many recruiters doesn't mind to submit PDF resumes to the client because its based on there choice what they prefer, but you will get more interest on PDF because its look good in terms of view compare to word documents. But most of the time word documents resumes preferred around the world.

3-Important of Summary line.

We have seen so many resumes with object lines where maximum you can see 2-3 lines as usual on resumes. Summary line is very important for landing any good job in hard time because it define your experience and expertise in details on the first page and first impression is the last impression, you should take it very serious while writing it, I know most of us don't have time to do that. Its Industry research say that recruiter take only six second to decide whether candidate is good fit for role or not, because they have to go with multiple resumes at the same time because they work on multiple requirements per day. Give your full attention on your achievement and skills expertise and then you can write it.

Happy resume writing


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