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How much important is candidate experience coordination in recruiting process?


I as recruiter have seen so many candidate don't turn up for interview due to there silly reason, since we all knew that interview is so important for every job seeker whoever looking for job. But why they don't turn up for there interview I guess there lot of reason; e.g: Brand, lack of information about company, not good pay, no job flexibility, work culture, products, from recruiter. But I would explain why brand is so important for job seeker.


you read it right because brand is so important for job seeker if you are offering job in any start-up or non-brand company I'm telling you that there will be huge challenge to close the position if you are not offering job in brand company, we may lose the potential candidate but research says that brand can be any company small or big company its all depend on how we present it. Because if we have full knowledge about our client and there products we can definitely represent them there achievement and work culture which is very important part of hiring, because now we can see many changes in terms of candidate company's preference, they just need good pay and good work culture with good life balance personal and professional both.

#Candidate Retention

Now here we go, how we can achieve 90% of retention in recruiting. I would say lets build good relation with our candidate and keep them update on each step in hiring process, because we have found so many recruiter don't contact there potential candidate until unless they have offer feedback. This is not good we should keep them updated on each step whether they have been rejected or selected, on-hold, delay in decision, you can't be silent if you working in recruitment industry we should interact as much as we can do, it helps to create the good database and you are building awesome talented candidate pool which will help you in future .



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