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5 tips which can help you to create pro resumes.

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

1-Don’t forget to mention your achievements Companies are mainly interested in Value, What you can bring on the table in specific job role. Please focus on your achievement in details while writing your resume because this is main key to get you job right away.

2-Create a sales pitch

your resume is key to land you good job that you are searching since long time in the market. So please make sure that your resume is good eye caching with relevant keywords, because as per the industry research recruiter spend only 6 second to decide whether candidate is good fit or not. Now those days has gone where we used to see very limited details on resumes, you have to make appeal to hiring manager to call you once based on your keywords highlight, relevant exp. Which you have because these are your important note to sell yourself for any specific job that you are applying for.

3-Remove all extra information

Remove all the unnecessarily details on your resume because hiring manager spend few second on each resume to choose the best one. Don’t make hiring manager to read your entire resume because they don’t have too much time to do this.

4-Best action verbs words

Using action verbs such as administered, analyzed, delegated, controlled, addressed and exceeded add dynamism to your resume and tend to catch the reader’s eye.

Use action verbs liberally - and appropriately - to make your resume compelling.

5-Grammar Mistake and consistency

This is most Important part while writing your resume, please make sure you don’t have any grammar mistake, otherwise hiring manager wont look at your resume, grammar is like you are presenting yourself in front of some who will give you job that you seek. Edit your resume like pro and make sure you have rectify all the mistake in resume.

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